Stage Manager

My Background

I graduated from Viterbo University in 2021 with a major in Theater, an emphasis in Stage Management, and a BFA in Arts Administration. Following graduation, I spent 9 months interning at Portland Stage Company in Portland, ME, where I had a chance to put my education to good use, assisting the production stage managers on 5 of the 7 shows in their season. The internship reinforced my passion for theater, and as I stayed in Portland, ME for about 9 months following the internship, I was also able to work with  other local theaters. I recently moved back to Wisconsin and am working as an accounting and marketing assistant. I also work as a part-time as a virtual assistant for a multitude of small businesses across the country. 

What I'm Passionate About

My favorite aspect of theater is the collaborative nature of it. I love the artistic process and I greatly enjoy working with others and supporting everyone on the team to create the best production possible. 

I am interested in applying my passion for artistic production to make a difference, especially with organizations that value creativity and inclusive story-telling. I’ve found that the most rewarding part of working in both artistic and virtual assistance is helping to foster new ideas and creating systems towards lasting positive change, and I hope to continue to do that while challenging myself to grow in new ways.

What Sets Me Apart

My defining traits as a stage manager are maintaining my composure in high-paced environments and my inquisitive nature when tackling new tasks. Each day upon arrival to our technical rehearsals  for Last Ship to Proxima Centauri at Portland Stage, I would touch base with designers and production staff to take a look at what elements had been added since our last rehearsal. The show took place on a spaceship and an alien planet, so there were many unusual additions throughout the week. I took each new piece of information in stride, making additions to our running paperwork, explaining pertinent details to crew members upon their arrival, and working new elements into our tightly packed 15-minute intermission scene change. By the time the show opened, our backstage crew had developed a safe, efficient routine that allowed for designers and staff to sit back and enjoy all of their hard work!