Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for someone who can bring organization and structure to your business...

...while still prioritizing creativity and inclusivity?

I'm Mallory, and I'm here to make your life easier. 

With over five years of remote work experience, I've got the skills to handle comprehensive virtual support.  I can be your go to person for: social media management, content creation, e-mail marketing campaigns, standard operating procedures, bookkeeping, transcription, file management, e-newsletter creation, graphic design, keyword research, analytics tracking, and community engagement.

Why stress about handling all those tasks yourself when you can count on someone like me to take care of it all? 

Let me help you get things done!

What I Bring to the (Virtual) Table

With my technical aptitude and attention to detail, I bring a wealth of experience and success from my previous roles.  You can count on me to take ownership of my tasks and deliver exceptional results.

During my time working as a Remote Production Manager for a 100% remote Shakespeare film, I showcased my flexibility and adaptability, as the company was navigating uncharted territory within the first year of COVID-19. By meticulously following established processes while also finding ways to enhance them, I ensured smooth operations. 

Additionally, my experience working with small businesses has honed my communication skills, allowing me to effectively connect with various personality types, fully understand clients' needs, and deliver personalized solutions

Let Me Amplify Your Outreach While Making Your Workload Lighter

I offer my services on an asynchronous basis, allowing me to accommodate your needs while managing my personal schedule efficiently. With my rate of $20/hour, you'll receive top-notch assistance at a reasonable cost. Rest assured, I diligently track my time in 15-minute intervals and provide you with a monthly invoice, making the payment process seamless. 

Ready to take your productivity to the next level?

Send me an email at and let's get started working together today!